Jesus Gallery - We've added a historical and religious figure in our galleries because it is a very important and popular topic on the Internet. We discovered that multiple users are interested in the topic of religion and therefore open a dignified and correct space. Synopsis: Jesus Christ was born around 6 BC in Bethlehem. Little is known about his early life, but in his youth, founded Christianity, one of the most influential religions in the world. His life is recorded in the New Testament. According to Christians, Jesus is considered the incarnation of God and his teachings, an example to live a spiritual life. Christians believe that Christ died for the sins of all people and rose from the dead. The images presented in this gallery are a collection of excerpts from his life and how other people see him. is a site with over 10 years experience. Existed informally before, but we've been growing and we will become one of the sites of images made ​​by the Internet's largest fans. This site has evolved in many ways. Today, it is the main meeting related to art created by fans.

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